September 21st, 2014

Party Models!!
Care to see well over 500 sets on one site. Dozens of different models? This is the site for you. Click the photo above and visit now. Now featuring unpublished sets of New Star Alisa and Victoria as well as unseen sets of many Newstar models and our new models and screentests..


Tiny Model Sugar
This Model is so sweet we had to call her Sugar!! Please vist she is now open. You will be amazed! ...


Visit Brandi's website!Gabriele now has a new model. We hope you will come visit and support her. Free previews as always. Check it out.


Visit Kiki's website!Lexie Has An Child Beauty That Can't Be Denied. So Why Try? Please Check The Free Previews and visit ths pearl of great price. ...


Our 1st. Dream Boy, Danny!
Visit Danny's website!We are very happy to present you our newest Danny boy model.

Welcome to enjoy his talent! ...


The brand new Tiny Model Sugar is here!

Two extra sets of Sugar has been added. Please welcome and support the new Sugar model. Thank you!

Cody Dream!

Please welcome & support Cody!

Scotty Dream!

Please welcome & support Scotty!

Sonny is here!

The wait is over! Tinymodel Sonny is finally online & kicking!

Sweet Lexie shines!

The new Lexie model is now online. Remember to fall in love immediately!

Two sets of the new Lexie model has been published for all our fauthful customers! For the next several months the updates will be mixed between the two models until the old model sets are over. On august 22nd, 2014 with the publishing of the next gallery, 3 of the oldest sets will be archived!

Newstar Destiny is going into the archive!

This is final notice and your final chance to join Destiny and grab all site galleries with one join! On August 23rd Destiny will became part of our archive NT Models and all galleries from 001 to 224 will become part of it.

From this moment on, with each new update, the oldest set will go to the archive leaving only the latest 50 sets available on this site. Please consider this when you join and download the oldest galleries first!

Sweet Sharona is now also part of our archive!

As per our warning on August 11th Sharona became part of our archive NT Models

From this moment on, with each new update, the oldest set will go to the archive leaving only the latest 50 sets available on this site. Please consider this when you join and download the oldest gallery first!

The new Abby model is here!

Please welcome & support her!

Please welcome & support the new Kitty!

Please welcome & support the new Blondie!

Sweet Charity just got her own site!

Please welcome & support Charity as the new Destiny model!

Please welcome & support the new Princess model!

The Newsletter is back!
Please Re-Subscribe!

Our newsletter is finally working again! Anyone who did join it before (i.e. before July 14th, 2014) should rejoin!

Thank you!

N E W S L E T T E R :

New Star Erin Has A NEW Model and:

New Star Sunshine, Newstar Daniele, Sweet Gigi, New Star Cutie,Tiny Model Nicole, New Star Krissy , Tiny Model Ginger, Sweet Sharona, Sweet Amy, Sweet Gabrielle and Sweet Nellie Have BRAND New Models !!


New Star Paris, Sweet Catalina,Tiny Model Jessica, New Star Nikki and Newstar Lily Brand New Sites !!


New Star Unpublished Sets. New Star Diana's farewell LAST Unpublished set as well as new sets and screentests of never before seen models.

Check often as New sets are added every 3 days !!


Sweet Charity !! NEW !! only at clipmonster.


All Your Favorite NEW Models Are Making NEW Video Now!!

The new Krissy model, New Star Nikki, The New Ginger model,Pandora, Krystal,Cutie, Abby, Lexie, Erin, Amy, Gia, Paris, Sunshine, Jessica and many more to come!!


Scotty Dream


Sweet Kayley Is BACK !!


Cody Dream


New Videos Added At Archive

Videos Of Newstar New Star Alisa and Victoria have been added to the many videos we prodused in the past..



Please don't use third party anivirus software to access our sites! Use Windows firewall instead! Many people's antivirus blocks many of our sites and many adult sites Unless you take off site watch. Of course those of you with us 10 years already know we are safe.

We suggest also a nice secure email since many others see fit to block our mail. So support us and stop using these products. We found Yahoo search does not try as hard to filter us out but filters sometimes emails to or from us.


New Star Daniele has a new model 6/21/2014. We are sure you will approve!!!


Visit Michelle!!

New Star Cherry

Welcome to New Star Cherry

Show her Your support:

New Star Archive Open

Well over 6000 photosets of 10 years work of your favorite models!


New Payment Option

Along with Credit/Debit card we now take bit Bitcoin for your secure joins!

You do not have to buy whole Bitcoins. You can purchase fractions for memberships.

Some Sad Truths About NNB and other such sites

1. They do not have permission to repost us. This is what they like to say but it is a lie.

2.They have destroyed and closed several of your favorite sites by either reposting there sales away stealing traffic away, or making disgusting comments about them in a public forum so models quit.

3. They have been stealing our traffic and killing our sales without permission for a year causing us to raise the prices for the remaining Honest customers. We sincerely doubt they are a fan site. They do it for simple greed and to steal our traffic for personal gain.

It was time to set the record straight:

Any site found reposting our photos will not be warned we will go straight for the hosting company with DMCA notice.

We will be reposting them soon for your enjoyment and to show them how it feels.

New Star Sunshine Has a new model !!

Visit Her Site

Nicole NEW model

Please support Nicole. Free Previews.

Jump to preview and join!

Tiny Model Nicole


Sweet Gigi

Gigi is amazing. Here eyes will look into your soul.

Visit Gigi Now!


New Star Krystal

Krystal will steal your heart and soul. Free Previews.

New Star Krystal

Sweet Abby

Abby Is the Definition Of Sweet Model !

Preview here:

Sweet Abby

New Star Lola
Still Making people Happy!

New Star Lola

Sweet Sharona

Now you have a NEW Sharona to sing about..

Sweet Sharona

Discounted 2 Site Joins


We have teemed up with a photgtrapher that used to make many websites. The original content owners have let rights lapse therefore returning them to the photographers ownership. We are proud to present:


                               Special Places:



Tiny Model Special

New Star Special

Free Samples Of Our Models

Picture of the Day!

Things to know!!!
1. Once you join and take content there are no refunds or chargebacks. Any chargebacks or refunds are posted on the internet for all to see. This list is seen by other webmasters and most likely even has been found by law enforcement.

2. If you write for password support include the billing company you used or you will just make it take longer to get a reply. Also write from the email you joined with if possible.

3. There is no reposting of our content. Believe it or not we can tell who posted a photo and you will be blacklisted to join again and your name put on deadbeat list and your memebrship killed instantly for all sites without refund. Reposting our photos keeps profit from the models and it kills joins. Repeat offenders will find there name and address posted near there torrent or news post. This goes for people that claim they have the right to repost us. They do not have permission.

 4. There is a 6 gig limit on downloads per day to stop password sharing. This does not affect the majority of our clients at all. If you are blocked for over usage it will remove in 12 hours. If you use a download program set it to one connection per file or you will be blocked very fast...You can always write us to unblock you sooner and hope we're not sleeping.

5. We do not make custom photos or videos. We never have. Any such things you see are faked or were made when some of our models had a website before they had one with US.


New Star Cutie
Visit Cutie' website!Now with an Amazing new model. We hope you will enjoy the experience that IS Cutie!!

N E W S L E T T E R :


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